Best of 2009

Trailer for TEDxAmsterdam 2009: “Expect the unexpected”

The program book won a golden European Design Award in 2010 and the event itself was nominated for an Event Award by High Profile in 2009.

In February 2009 Jim Stolze was a speaker at TED in Palm Springs, California. After the conference he was granted the license to bring TEDx to the Netherlands – and on 20 November of that same year, TEDxAmsterdam was born, celebrating its first edition at the Royal Tropical Institute.

Our ‘debut’ captured the attention of national media – namely because the event was the first conference in the Netherlands to have a waiting list of more than 4500 people! Diversity and inclusivity is key when it comes to our audience, so several competitions for tickets were organised and, thanks to our sponsors, the event was free of charge (or “priceless” as Jim Stolze put it).

Best talks

A new way to explore life in our galaxy

In his mind-bending talk, Ockels explains how time is created by human beings, as a way our brains can make sense of gravity. The speed of light is constant, because it is made by us: it's the clock by which we have calibrated our existence. He proposes a new way to explore life in our galaxy.

The mysterious ways of beauty in photography

The audience judged this talk one of the highlights of the day. Surprising, insightful and at times hilarious, Aarsman shows different concepts of beauty in photography, and suggests that the only real photographic beauty is to be found in pictures that were made without such a goal in mind.

The various conditions to achieve change

In a passionate talk Princess Mabel van Oranje discussed the various conditions to achieve change, What you need is to believe that the impossible is possible, the Princess said. But in order to ignite change, I know from experience, you often have to take two steps forward, one step back.

Best act

Act: Karsu Donmez sings

Karsu, together with violinist Muge Alpay, contributed some wonderful songs to TEDxAmsterdam. In the video above she sings I'll leave alone, followed by the Turkish song Cok Uzaklarda