Best of 2013

TEDxAmsterdam Connected Consequences Campaign: Trailer

The fifth edition of TEDxAmsterdam took place in the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam on 6 November 2013.

The event was invitation only, as the goal was to have as diverse as possible an audience: bringing people and ideas together; people that can make ideas reality. Jim Stolze was our host.

The theme, Connected Consequences, was about connecting, inspiring and visualising ideas.

The 30 best entries for the TEDxAmsterdam Award were announced at this event, and the winner was Benno Naaijkens of Stembell. 

Best talks


Do we live in the here and now? Or are we stuck in a delay caused by our 'connecting devices'? With his project Like 4 Real, artist Dadara wants to guide people on their Spiritual Path to Enlikement. Because, as he states in his talk: "Reality still has more pixels than the screen of your iPhone".

Stem cells - Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde

Professor Hans Clevers is the president of the KNAW, the Royal Dutch Academy of Science and works for the University medical centre in Utrecht. In this talk he took the TEDxAmsterdam audience for a deep dive into science; in plain English. 

The rise of China

Remember the financial crisis and all the pointing fingers to wall street? According to economist Heleen Mees, we might have been wrong. In this very interesting tought-provoking talk she explains that to understand the real cause of the crisis, we have to look at China.

Best act

Act: Playing the 3D-printed violin

This year we had a very special performance. Joanna Wronko played a stunning 3D-printed violin. Technician Sander Smit is the artist who printed her extraordinary violin with his 3D printer.