Best of 2015

#BigQuestions with the TEDxAmsterdam Audience

TEDxAmsterdam 2015 was held on 27 November in 2015 at the Stadsschouwburg.

We live in a world where people have more information than they can take in. The right answers aren’t what we seek anymore. It’s all about asking the right questions. And big questions were asked at TEDxAmsterdam 2015! Like, “why do humans weep?” and “where is my phone?”

One of this year's big successes was high involvement and interaction between the TEDxAmsterdam crew and guests and viewers.

From beginning to end, the team worked very hard to make the day unforgettable. The hashtag #TEDxAms trended in 63 countries, and in Africa alone 5000 people followed the livestream!

TEDxAmsterdam 2015 ended with a question. A question mark to be exact. In the form of a fantastic crowd-sourced lightshow.

Best talks

Preventing natural disaster from becoming humanitarian ones

Princess Margriet of The Netherlands gave a beautiful speech at the event. As the honorary president of the Red Cross, the princess spoke about the importance of aid and how that can limit or prevent the humanitarian consequences and harmful effects of a natural disaster.

The Power of 'Huh'

Huh! What do you have to say about that? Not much, we're guessing. Yet you do recognise the expression. Linguist Mark Dingemanse finds this fact fascinating, and his interest led him on a quest – to a mountaintop in Ghana.

Best act

Act: Performance Ntjam Rosie

Dutch singer Ntjam Rosie gave a beautiful performance. She speaks in a voice that's low and warm but when she sings, the notes rise into the air.