Best of 2016

TEDxAmsterdam 2016 New Power Aftermovie

TEDxAmsterdam number 8 took place on 18 November 2016 at the Stadsschouwburg.

The 2016 edition turned things “upside down”: the audience was on stage and speakers in the theatre. Jim Stolze was again host of the day.

The whole venue was used for interactive experiences. An organised chaos made master of Stadsschouwburg where the visitors took over in this innovative and interactive edition. 

Best talks

Edible cutlery

Peesapaty's talk is a beautiful example of how the stage of TEDx is a place for great ideas to spread. His solution to the menace of plastic disposables that has invaded our food and our planet is a big highlight from the 2016 edition. 

Finding truth in a post-truth world

In this talk, Higgins showed how the use of open source information can uncover the truth behind a range of events, from conflict to corruption, from the downing of Flight MH17 to the war in Syria.

Paper cuts

Mandy loves paper! In her talk she took the audience on a journey through some paper exploration she'd done so far, and explained how one blank piece of paper has triggered the more ideas hidden within one another.

Best act

Lord of the Rings

Yuri van Gelder is a Dutch gymnast, whose best discipline is the rings. Looking back at the performance we can very much understand why his nickname is "Lord of the Rings".