Best of 2017 One Step Beyond

TEDxAmsterdam 2017 | Theme Manifesto

Last year’s, 9th edition of TEDxAmsterdam took place on November 17th at the Stadsschouwburg.

Our host for the day was Holley M. Murchison. The theme was One Step Beyond. All the talks were affiliated with the topics Human, Intelligence or Nature. We ended the day with the TEDxAmsterdam Award.

Our host entered the stage and things immediately moved ‘one step beyond the stage’: who were the people in the audience? Who was here for the first time and who for the 9th? The audience had 90 seconds to turn to their neighbours and share stories.

Best talks

Bay South, Gardens by the Bay

From refugee to entrepreneur

In her talk Anna Nooshin shares her experiences of setting up a business and her views and ideas about conducting business.  Anna’s talk illustrated her transformative journey from refugee to entrepreneur. 

'Let’s allow a fair trade in kidneys'

Best act

Ariah Lester