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Tuesday 13 November 2018

Our main partner Schiphol Real Estate was inspired and excited about what’s to come at our event this year, as they enjoyed a sneak preview at our partner event in September.

We caught up with Annick Oosterlee, Community Manager at Schiphol Real Estate about what they’re up to, how it aligns with TEDxAmsterdam, and their expectations for The Big X on 29 November.

Tell us more about Schiphol?

“There are more than 500 international companies located here at Schiphol. We believe that with so many people working at companies with different potential there is a lot of opportunity to learn from each other.”

“We contacted TEDxAmsterdam five years ago because your concept of bringing people together over ideas worth spreading really resonates with us.”

Annick refers to the brainstorm partner event attendees experienced.

“We encourage our tenants to share their knowledge so that we can grow together. It’s like we are a microcosm of the brainstorm activity at the second parter event, where people come together around an idea or a problem and provide their various expertise and insights to find a solution – which is what TEDxAmsterdam is all about.” You can read about Schiphol projects here.

“Partnering with TEDxAmsterdam, we feel we are slowly accomplishing this goal of working together and spreading ideas. At the event, people are there on a more personal than professional level, so they are willing to let their guard down and share more. It is a really great partnership for us.”

What are you expecting from this year's event?

Annick says she is inspired to see how many different perspectives you can approach our theme this year, The Big X.

"I am expecting that TEDxAmsterdam will help us to visualise the big and important questions of the future, and work towards some of the solutions together – by engaging and brainstorming. It will also bring up more questions to be answered too! "

"I think the event will be busy and chaotic to start, with lots of questions. But eventually, with so many people and such a diverse crowd of attendees and speakers, I'm sure that lots of good will come out of it.

"To me, that is the crux or TEDx – it is not just about the brilliant minds on stage, but also about the diversity of people as a whole."

What is your Big X?

"We can ask so many small questions, but eventually, everything we do contributes to the state of the earth."

"We are damaging the earth as we speak and we need to be careful and think about the people who are on this earth after us. So the Big X for me is about the future or the planet – the questions we must ask and the issues we must solve. "

Annick gives us some great food for thought. We're looking forward to exploring The Big X with her and the Schipol team in just a few weeks at the big event!


- written by Jai Morton

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