Enhancing the arrival experience with Summit

Saturday 04 August 2018

While the ideas on stage are a key part of TEDxAmsterdam, the experience as a whole is paramount. Attendees flock from near and far to be in the live audience on event day – taking in the atmosphere from the moment they line up to enter the venue, to enjoying a cup of coffee while meeting and greeting fellow TEDx-goers, to witnessing mind blowing talks and performances.

Our partner Summit makes our registration experience great. They first partnered with us last year, taking our onsite registrations One Step Beyond and making nametags and badges a breeze on the day.

We thought we’d flip the experience focus, and asked Robert Klappe, Director of Summit, about his experience partnering with TEDxAmsterdam.


Why did Summit become a TEDxAmsterdam partner? 

"It was a case of perfect timing! Just when the Summit team had completed the first version of their all-in-one registration unit, SummitHost, contact was made."

“Quirine van Asperen de Boer (TEDxAmsterdam Experience Team) got in contact with me to ask whether Summit would like to come on board to be responsible for the onsite registration and issuing of badges.

“Quirine’s passion for the event and the great timing had me hooked immediately. Not to mention, this was exactly what we developed SummitHost for! So we said yes, and introduced SummitHost at TEDxAmsterdam 2017.” 

What was your first TEDxAmsterdam experience and how did you feel?


“My first TEDxAmsterdam experience was in the early morning at the 2017 event last year. When I arrived, I experienced an atmosphere of vibrant enthusiasm – instantly.”

Robert describes it as “pleasant chaos, which quickly changed into a cheerful, structured organisation”. A few short hours later everything was ready to welcome our guests."

Do you have a favourite TED talk? Why do you love it?

Meat the Future" by Koert van Mensvoort. As a meat lover, Koert has reassured me that fortunately there is still a future for carnivores like myself. But more than this, his recipes for dishes that can’t yet be made are a brilliant example of thinking out of the box – one of the reasons I love to attend TEDx events!”


As you know, TED is all about ideas worth spreading. Is there an idea you'd like to see explored in a TED talk or one you'd like to see spread?

Robert explains that his focus is on ideas around new technologies.

“Ideas about faster, cleaner and cost-efficient travel, like the hyperloop, I find great. But I also appreciate the vision of inspiring people, such as Simon Sinek and his idea "start with why".


We’re pleased to have Summit partnering with us again for our tenth edition, and know that they'll ensure this year's registration experience is smooth – something we’re both passionate about.

- written by Jai Morton



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