Making instant memories – with our partner Flickfeeder

Wednesday 22 August 2018

What is an event – and especially an anniversary event such as our 10th edition – without photographic memories? 

Anyone who has joined a TEDxAmsterdam event, be it as audience member or speaker, has surely noticed our photography team rushing around the venue.

They’re snapping away – and everything they capture is edited and published on our Flickr feed within minutes. The secret to how our team is able to feed social media posts and live blogs with fresh images instantly? Our partner Flickfeeder!

We talked to Flickfeeder’s Co-founder Willemijn Waterbolk about the collaboration.

What was your first TEDxAmsterdam experience and how did you feel?

“It wasn’t the first TEDxAmsterdam experience, but last year was the first time we were at the event with Flickfeeder as a company. Being surrounded by great innovative ideas and minds, we felt really proud to be contributing to that as well."

"We saw interaction happening while shooting at the same time. From every angle, we saw photos going through our platform, being edited, pop-up in the TEDxAmsterdam app, and being shared with the world.”

Willemijn explains how it works:

“Not many people know that we have an editor working simultaneously in the cloud. All the cameras are connected to our platform. This makes it possible for the editor to receive the photos in real time, so while a speaker is still on stage. With a combination of RAW compression technology and the use of mobile networks, we created a smooth "Flickfeeder workflow" that enables the instant publication of photos. Sounds complicated right? That’s the beauty of technology."

Why did Flickfeeder become a TEDxAmsterdam partner?

“It all started when Mike Breeuwer (founder of Flickfeeder) was asked by one of the photographers to help out in 2014. Knowing the idea and concept of TEDx, he immediately said yes. Not long after joining he became the Photography Lead. Then last year we became an official partner of TEDxAmsterdam."

“Not only did the partnership evolve, Flickfeeder is now a growing company too.

“TEDxAmsterdam challenges your perception and let’s you think in a different way. We hope to change people’s perception too with our live photo feed. We believe that every photo tells a story and is worth sharing, especially in the magic of the moment itself”

It’s nice to see how both sides of a partnership grow together over the years, and we love the idea that behind each image, is a story worth sharing.

Flickfeeder captures images from beginning to end
Capturing moments from centre stage

What is your favourite TED talk?

“A favourite is the one where Sir Ken Robinson talks about creativity and leadership.”

“We believe that by combining creativity and technology, we can create something of true value.”

“We are just starting, but like Sir Ken Robinson says “Imagination is the source of all human achievement."


What's one thing that you love about Amsterdam?

“Very cliché, (but) Amsterdam feels like a small town with all its neighbourhoods. Every neighbourhood has a different story and evolves over time. There is such a mix of people.”

We cannot wait to see this year’s photo stories shared with you all in the double quick time that Flickfeeder is known for! See you on Flickr!


- written by Evelyn Grunau

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