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Monday 12 November 2018

The main mission during the TEDxAmsterdam Award workshop day: to connect with and learn from other changemakers and our partners, and to get your story right for the pitch. Because a great idea can only succeed with an even better execution. With the help of partners like Clifford Chance, Tata Consultancy Services, Newslab and Aan Zee Service Design 60, groundbreaking change makers in health, sustainability, social innovation and education prepared their way to the final selection. And we must say: the future looks bright!

TEDxAmsterdam. The Big X. The Award. Friday 9 November. The vibe was electric at Start Up Village at the Amsterdam Science Park from morning to night as we held our TEDxAmsterdam Award Workshop. Over 100 dreamy starters and scale-ups took to the stage throughout the day, levelling and connecting to create the world of tomorrow. The world whose shape is captured in ideas shared on the TED stage and delivered through ideas worth doing.

This is why we love the Award: the impact.

Our venue, the Science Park

Ideas that become impact

Medical discoveries in DNA, antibiotics, drug and therapy delivery. Forests protected. Energy revamped. Islands made sustainable. The internet reinvented. Pigments without chemistry. Beer without bottles. Oceans without plastic. Cities in green. And that’s just to name a few of this years participants. Read more about some of our Award alumni’s ideas and how they’re making an impact. 

When passion and knowledge collide

Inspired by a captivating story from Award alumnus Photanol on how the TED(x) mix of fact and passion paved their road to success. It all started with a great idea, and flourished through adding knowledge and expertise, whilst the key turning points were fueled by passion.

The Workshop is what provides Award participants with the knowledge and expertise they need. With a combined 200+ hours of in-depth consulting, challenging, connecting and inspiring by the stellar teams from our partners Clifford Chance, Tata Consultancy Services, Newslab and Aan Zee Service Design, ideas were challenged and sharpened.


Giving a voice to ideas that need to be heard

So, with the concept polished thanks to the help of expert partners, the second criterium was addressed in parallel, and with equal relevance: telling the perfect story. If you want to raise enough funds and mobilise key stakeholders, you have to tell things right. Pitch coach David Beckett said it right at the workshop:

“Every great idea deserves a great voice”.
Working in breakout groups with our expert partners
Working in breakout groups with our expert partners

Getting to the next level

Packed with tools to enhance the concept, the best ways to pitch and promote, the workshops concluded with  expert advice on financing and internationalisation from Start Green and the Global Business Academy. In-depth discussions held, connections made and new pathways uncovered until well after the bar had opened.

The Big X

You can connect with these visionary do-gooders on 29 November at TEDxAmsterdam 2018 – The Big X. And wow was it big last Friday!


To attend TEDxAmsterdam 2018, join us as a Friend.


To see more photos from the Workshop, check out this Flickfeeder link, thanks to photographer Mike Breeuwer.

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