Mobilising change with Taxi Electric

Tuesday 31 July 2018

Amsterdam, the city of bikes…….Amsterdam, the city that aims to put as many zero-emissions vehicles on the road as possible by the year 2025.

Our partner Taxi Electric is aiming to be an active part in changing mobility and making it more sustainable: as the first European electric taxi provider. They do more than simply providing and stimulating the demand for electronic means of transport, they consider themselves a social enterprise:

“Delivering a contribution to society is more important to us than making huge profits," says Marc Jongma, Operator and Account Manager at Taxi Electric.


"Our world has become seriously out of balance, the differences are increasing. If everyone remains self-centred, we will all lose in the long run. It is time for change. With more attention to each other, to the environment and to collective profits.”

Being a social enterprise also means they hire employees who are over fifty or students: “any service-oriented and friendly driver will be given a chance to come and work for us.”

We talked to Marc about our partnership, TED and Amsterdam.

What was your first TEDxAmsterdam experience and how did you feel?

“I first became aware of TEDxAmsterdam when our company partnered with TEDxAmsterdam in 2014. I quickly found out David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, was one of the speakers and watched his talk online. It was my first introduction to a local TEDx initiative and I was excited about contributing to it via Taxi Electric.”

Why did Taxi Electric become a TEDxAmsterdam partner?

“When we started our partnership in 2014 TEDxAmsterdam and Taxi Electric were both young and dynamic organisations, committed to sharing and spreading new ideas. Our idea: proving the viability of sustainable transport in an unlikely market by starting the world’s very first electric taxi company.”

“TEDxAmsterdam and Taxi Electric seemed like an obvious match. Although our means are different, our missions align. Taxi Electric changes mobility, TEDxAmsterdam mobilises change.”

Do you have a favourite TED talk? Why do you love it?

“My favourite TED talk is one by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus about Minimalism. I loved the idea that true happiness is not found in the accumulation of ‘stuff’, but rather by letting go of one’s possessions to leave more room for the things that really matter in life: love, friendship, purpose, connection. And at the time it also seemed like a practical solution to having too much stuff for a one-room apartment.”

As you know, TED is all about ideas worth spreading. Is there an idea you'd like to see explored in a TED talk or one you'd like to see spread further?

“I haven’t seen a lot of TED talks about religion yet. Although definitely not without its shortcomings, religion has been a catalyst for change and revolution throughout history. Theologians like Stanley Hauerwas or John Milbank might have an interesting view on pressing issues of today. Or take the story of Ali Banat, a rich Australian man who rediscovered Islam after being diagnosed with cancer and spent the remainder of his life helping the poor and needy.”

What's one thing that you love about Amsterdam?

“The diversity in sights, sounds and people. A 10 minute walk will take you from a quiet park, through a cosy shopping street, past a picturesque canal to a square full of tourists.”

Biking, walking or being chauffeured through Amsterdam in a Taxi Electric car – it’s a great city indeed! Together we can work on making it an even better one, and also work on keeping it that way for years to come. Be social and mobilise change!

We are happy to welcome such a social and sustainable active partner on board again!


- written by Evelyn Grunau

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