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Wednesday 08 August 2018

Since our 1st edition in 2009 we have had strong partners at our side. One of them is responsible for keeping the memories of the day alive: our video partner Level V (formerly Feller Media).

Founded in 2008, Level V has always a focused on livestream and online video production. Since rebranding, they now offer their clients two specialist teams: Level V for online video content, and offshoot We Are Live for livestream and events.

We talked to Level V Managing Partner Mie Dries about Amsterdam, our partnership, and celebrating 10 years of TEDxAmsterdam with our film competition.

Talking about our city, it’s Amsterdam’s diversity that Mie loves most. A fitting reply as last weekend marked the end of Amsterdam Pride 2018. For nine days the city flourishes with colourful exhibitions, activities, stages, and, a highlight for many, the canal parade. And it’s all in the name of love and diversity: bringing people together to celebrate that everyone has the right to be whoever they want to be and love whoever they want to love.

What was your first TEDxAmsterdam experience?

Our first experience was the initial contact with founder Jim Stolze more than 10 years ago. He was looking for partners and we decided to dive into this adventure.”

"After the first edition, we knew we did something magic together."
Jim Stolze on the TEDxAmsterdam stage in 2017

Why did Level V/We Are Live become a TEDxAmsterdam partner?

We knew about the successful TED conferences in the US and wanted to be a part of the Dutch version of that – and to try to make the online video experience just as compelling or even better.;

Jim Stolze was also a fan of TED; having the chance to speak on the TED stage and then being granted the license to organise TEDxAmsterdam was a dream come true. 10 editions later it is great to see that we have partners that are as passionate about all things TED as we are!

Do you have a favorite TED talk? Why do you love it?

One of Level V’s favorite talks is General Peter van Uhm’s talk from TEDxAmsterdam 2011. It earned millions of global views and is an example of the power of a good TED talk with visual and oral surprises.”

This talk is being mentioned by many as a favourite, or one that really made an impression. With bold statements like, “the gun may be one of the most important instruments of peace and stability that we have in this world” – it’s certainly a talk that lures you in to hear more!

Fittingly, when asked if she has an idea she would like to see explored further in a TED talk, Mie says, “the power of live communication through the internet.”

We can see it now – a talk on the TEDxAmsterdam stage that engages the live audience face to face, while also livestreaming to people at home and engaging viewers from around the world through the likes of Instagram, Twitter, live polls and commenting tools.

What does the history of TEDx video look like to you? What are some of your standout memories or moments?

In some ways, through their work, we’d say Level V itself have explored the boundaries and impact of the power of live communication through the internet.

TEDxAmsterdam has always been a great platform to try out new video formats and ideas. We’ve performed a lot of experiments over the last 10 years. One was a 24-hour talk show livestream prior to the event.”

"We've learned a lot about live video and interaction during this partnership."

The film competition

Through our film competition, Level V are also keen to help realise the ideas of aspiring or accomplished filmmakers! To help us celebrate our 10th birthday, we’re asking filmmakers and creatives to submit a concept for a film that pays homage to ten years of TEDxAmsterdam by the deadline 17 August!

Level V will select the best film concepts and help to produce them!

What tips does Level V have for filmmakers thinking of submitting an idea?

It is all about creativity and craftsmanship. Be inspired by modern filmmakers but also learn from the very rich history of filmmaking that started in the early 1900's.

“Do not try to capture our whole history, but stick with your own view and turn it into a strong compelling story. And remember to grab the attention of the viewer in the first few seconds!”

Great tips, which we hope you take on board and incorporate into your idea for a film (before 17 August using this form).

We look forward to working with Level V and our film competition creatives to create some more magic together!

- written by Evelyn Grunau

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