TEDxAmsterdamSalon shares perspectives on homelessness

Friday 24 May 2019

A few weeks back on 9 May, TEDxAmsterdam had the pleasure of partnering with Cliëntenbelang Amsterdam for the second time, kicking off with our most recent TEDxAmsterdamSalon. Cliëntenbelang Amsterdam are an umbrella organization for representative associations in Amsterdam concerning people who have to cope with, or overcome difficulties in their lives. So naturally, we concluded together on the theme of Homelessness.

TEDxAmsterdam Licensee Paul Rispens said, “We wanted to show multiple perspectives – hear the real story, the why, how and who of homelessness. How can it start? What lies beneath? And, of course: how to cope and how to prevent and everything in between.”

Perhaps you caught the event?

Speakers Edo Paardekooper Overman, human rights advocate and ‘Experience Expert’ committed to the interests of homeless people, and Godfrey Lado, a translator, public speaker and poet, shared their stories about the 'perks' of being homeless. Some wonderful insights were shared by our audience in return.

"I feel more at home in my current harbourage than I've felt in my own house my whole life. The connotation that 'at home' has for me is probably the opposite it has for you."

Godfrey recited a very touching poem and then tricked the audience into a sing along, before surprise act Nikki Verhoeven of Red Pers, lead the audience musically into the half time break.

The decision to create the Salon was based on a desire to connect further with the city of Amsterdam, so the alignment with Cliëntenbelang Amsterdam was great timing.

Paul said of the evening,

"This is what a TEDxSalon is meant for. Stories shared by people that might not often have the opportunity to talk on a certain subject, but are actually experiencing, or have experienced the theme of the event."

"Many thanks go to venue Ru Paré, the video team of the Mediacollage Amsterdam, stigMAG and Cliëntenbelang Amsterdam for making it happen."

We’re excited to be working with some of our other valued partners on Salons for 2019, in the lead up to our main event, which will take place at the end of the year.

If you’ve got suggestions for a salon theme, get in touch with our Board.

Speaker Edo Paardekooper Overman
Speaker Godfrey Lado
Surprise artist Nikki Verhoeven

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