The home of TEDxAmsterdam: longstanding partner Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam

Monday 06 August 2018

Not only is Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam an integral part of TEDxAmsterdam, having hosted us for seven of our nine editions, but it has been a core part of the city of Amsterdam for 380 years.

The current theatre dates from 1894, standing tall and strong overlooking Leidsplein.  The theatre has had two reincarnations – after fires gutted it’s previous homes, rising in each instance like a phoenix from the flames, and after the second time being funded by wealthy inhabitants of the city, investing in its cultural heritage. It will also undergo a name change in August this year, to International Theatre Amsterdam.

Through its longevity and commitment to Expanding Theatre – via renewed programming in film and visual arts, and as a cultural meeting place, sparking conversations and attracting younger audiences – the Stadsschouwburg embodies the values of cultural expression and diversity that are alive in our city and within TEDxAmsterdam. Check out their program here.

We chatted to Wiepke Westbroek, Producer Expanding Theatre at Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam and a member of our Program team for the tenth edition, about our partnership and her experiences with TEDxAmsterdam.


What was your first TEDxAmsterdam experience and how did you feel?

Wiepke’s first memories are of a TEDx talk, which remains vivid and close to her heart.

“Peter Westerveld, who introduced the concept of greening the earth by means of hydrological corridors…ingenious ideas based on science brought to life by passionate men and women have ever since been my major TED(x Amsterdam) hang up.”

You can watch Peter's talk here.


Why did Stadsschouwburg become a TEDxAmsterdam partner?

“Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam wants to inspire and provoke audiences to reflect on their role in society and the world."

"The TEDxAmsterdam has the same aim – with an inspiring, thought provoking, positive line up of speakers and guests.

“Apart from that, we always search for new ways to open the theatre and address audiences in different ways. TEDx Amsterdam also embraces this idea.”

“So we evolve together.”

The stunning theatre space in Stadsschouwburg

As you know, TED is all about ideas worth spreading. Is there an idea you'd like to see explored in a TED talk or one you'd like to see spread?

“If we all were aware of the power of chipping in on bringing climate change to a halt (or whatever change we want to bring about) the world would be a different and better place.”


What do you love about Amsterdam?

“The human scale of things in a thriving city…and biking!”

As we continue to evolve together in our thriving city, TEDxAmsterdam is proud to call Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam home for our ‘Big X’ ten year anniversary, and to be part of the Expanding Theatre initiative.

We look forward to enjoying this stunning location with you on 29 November.

- written by Emily Bingham.

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