The partner bringing our theme to life: WE ARE Pi

Wednesday 04 July 2018

Just like the team at TEDxAmsterdam, our partners are as diverse as they come, with different backgrounds, passions and talents to boot. But there’s a common thread uniting us – a desire to connect the community and to create and inspire ideas worth spreading.

Some partners’ strengths lie firmly in the logistical side of making our event happen, while others are natural-born creators, like our partner WE ARE Pi. The creative agency’s role is to strategise and build our brand, breathing new life into it each year via our new theme.

We spoke with Executive Creative Director and Partner of WE ARE Pi, Rick Chant, about this year’s milestone event (but we won’t give too much away, our theme is still under wraps!).

What was your first TEDxAmsterdam experience and how did you feel?

“Our first experience with TEDxAmsterdam was working with them in 2011. It was when we launched our creative agency and was (and still is) one of the most rewarding experiences we’ve had in our career.”


Why did WE ARE Pi become a TEDxAmsterdam partner?

“Our mission is to be the most enthusiastic supporter of ideas that move the world forward, and TEDxAmsterdam is a hive of people wishing to do just that – from those who put on the event, to those on stage sharing their ideas and the audience soaking the ideas up and sharing them with their networks.”

“Not to mention, Amsterdam itself is a magnet for talent and a melting pot of ideas on a global stage, in a capital city that’s actually a village!”

This united vision, along with their creative process, is why we’ve continued our creative partnership with WE ARE Pi over the past 7 years.

“We work to produce content that is as fascinating in its process as it is in its output."

"With TEDxAmsterdam, the idea itself can extend from an art piece into film, live experience, and technology, helping to drive excitement, intrigue and publicity around the event and the theme.”

Over the years, the team have delivered some extraordinary stuff for us – think Human Brain, Human Arabesque, The Human Clock and 15,000 balloons below. Hold tight, it won’t be long until we reveal what they’ve developed for our special tenth edition!


As you know, TED is all about ideas worth spreading. Is there an idea you'd like to see explored in a TED talk or one you'd like to see spread?

“Radical Openness. I heard a quote the other day about not being afraid of people stealing your ideas, but being afraid when they don’t. That made me smile.” 

We love this idea! It aligns very well with the ethos of TEDxAmsterdam – whether you’re a speaker, an audience member or a partner, the ideas shared on the day (on and off the stage) are ripe for the picking (and sharing). It’s one of the reasons that ideas are often realised through TEDxAmsterdam – people taking in and sharing ideas, discussing them, and asking the big questions, like ‘what (and who) do we need to make this happen?’

Much like WE ARE Pi’s approach – strategise, conceive, inspire, unite, produce and enjoy – TEDxAmsterdam is a buzzing hive of activity, creation, and blossoming ideas, which we think makes for an environment of radical openness!

- written by Jai Morton

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