The stories behind the ideas worth spreading: with our partner Atlas Contact

Wednesday 05 September 2018

We make sure to capture and preserve the ideas and atmosphere of TEDxAmsterdam in more ways than one. Some of the obvious ones are photos and videos to look back on, but thanks to our partner, publishing company Atlas Contact, many of our talks are also immortalised in book form too.

Atlas Contact says the book “can preserve what is relevant from the past like no other medium and set the tone for the dissemination of new ideas with depth,” and they really believe that reading makes the world a better place.

Imagine your favourite TEDxAmsterdam talk – once live on stage and video recorded – expanded upon in print! We spoke to Sandra Wouters, Editor in Chief at Business Contact, Atlas Contact, about working with TEDxAmsterdam, and our mutual desire to share ideas worth spreading!


What was your first TEDxAmsterdam experience and how did you feel? 

“I first heard of TEDxAmsterdam during the summer of 2011 and loved the concept. I went to a side event that year, hosted by Pep Rosenfeld at Boom Chicago, and to my surprise I was invited to go to the event during one of the breaks. I got to see Peter van Uhm on stage with a gun and was part of ‘the goosebump experience’.”

Peter spoke at our 2011 event about how guns can be an instrument of peace and the inspiration for his career path.


What does Atlas Contact provide as a partner for TEDxAmsterdam? 

“We help with the most important part of a TEDx event: sharing the ideas worth spreading.”

“In addition to the real life experience, which is exclusive, and the videos, which are available to everyone, we publish the most inspiring and special talk of each year that can be adapted into a book. And we not only publish the talk, but enhance the story of the idea behind it through an interview with the speaker.” 

We love that each book dives deeper into the speaker's story.

(L-R) Sandra, Jan Scheele (former TEDxAmsterdam board member) and Damiaan Denys, the author of the book Atlas gave away at TEDxAmsterdam 2016.

What do you love most about being a partner?

“Being able to help spread the positive energy from TEDxAmsterdam to a broader and maybe different audience. And also being refreshed and stunned once a year during the conference.”

Do you have a favourite TED talk? Please tell us why.

“Wow, that’s a difficult one! Of course I have to choose one from every year, and so the TEDxAmsterdam books we have already published should be my answer…”

Barry Schwartz(2011), Rory Sutherland(2012), Jimmy Nelson(2013), Duncan Stutterheim (2014), Damiaan Denys (2015), Elliot Higgins(2016) and Jim Stolze(2017).

“They all share some very strong insights with the audience, and each of them has their own way of engaging the audience.”

We love Sandra’s list, and enjoy reflecting on each talk in both video and book form!

As we celebrate 10 years of TEDxAmsterdam this year, guided by the theme 'the big X', what do you anticipate this year's milestone event to be like? 

“I suppose it will be like an endless knot – or lemniscaat – you look back and look forward at the same time, connecting people, ideas and possibilities in the present.”

“I would expect a big challenge for the TEDxAmsterdam Award – something that is focused on solving one of the world’s biggest problems.

“I would also expect speakers with ideas about how to engage the full population of the world in making it a more sustainable, healthy and happy place. Maybe a 10 year old or 10 10 year olds reflecting on their first 10 years on this earth and what they wonder will happen next.”

“I imagine being submerged even more than before in a timeless and placeless spot, where time stops and we experience some kind of ecosystem that might represent where we will be another 10 years from now or maybe even further away…”

Wow! We have to say, as lovers of words and stories, we think Sandra’s expectations paint a beautiful picture of what our milestone ‘big x’ could be.

We hope her final words peak your interest and anticipation just that little bit more, as we move ever closer to unveiling an immersive and interactive day filled with connections and ideas worth spreading – in all formats!

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