The power and promise of social justice activism

Thursday 29 November 2018

What do you think of when someone says the word ‘revolution’? That’s the question Zohra Moosa poses to the BigX audience as she takes her place on the red dot. Do we think of violence and conflict? Is it something we are distanced from? Something that effects other people? Whilst this is one definition, it’s another that we explore with Zohra:

Image Credit: Chiel Eijt / Flickfeeder
“A revolution is a very important change in the way that people do things.”

Some of the more recent changes to our society may be things we take for granted today, but looking back we can see just how long they took to come to fruition. Women secured the vote 71 years after men in the Netherlands – a whole lifetime later. Two lifetimes ago the Netherlands abolished slavery but that was three lifetimes in the making and whilst same-sex marriage had been legal in the Netherlands since 2001, go back just over 250 years and any sexual activity between people of the same sex was a criminal offense.

Each of these developments was a huge step and changes like these only happen because people work together over time and make them happen:

“The world is not yet what we need it to be.It is possible and necessary to change this. People are doing it every day. If we join them, we can help”

Zohra invites us to take some time and think about our world, where we live and work, our surroundings and our community. Then to think about what change we feel is needed and what is already happening in that space; where can we make a difference and who we can connect with to drive the change we want to see. 

As she asks us to share our ideas with the person sitting next to us the audtiorium fills with noise - we are ready to take up the challenge!

Zohra has one clear message for us all:

“I’m here to give away a secret: there is no insider handshake or special initiation. It’s really true that anyone can be an activist.”

- written by Emily Bingham

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