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Monday 23 July 2018

Are you thinking about partnering with us? Katya Novic is one of our amazing TEDxAmsterdam's Partner Leads – a go-to for partner enquiries and ongoing support throughout working with us.


My name is Katya Novic.


Tell us about working with TEDxAmsterdam?

I joined TEDxAmsterdam as I had an element of organisation focusing on innovation and knowledge sharing. It's such an honour to be part of the 10th anniversary of TEDxAmsterdam, and I'm delighted to celebrate it with the world!

And the partners?

I really enjoy working with TEDxAmsterdam's principal partners. I get to collaborate with numerous organisations that bring innovation and inspiration to the city of Amsterdam. 

I also love the collaboration aspect of the partner team. I brainstorm with my partners and help them discover new ways of collaboration, and develop innovative programs that enrich both parties.

What do you do outside of this?

I work for Palo Alto Networks as a cyber security consultant for the public sector in the UK. Based in Amsterdam, I advise public sector organisations how to protect their data against cybercrime.

In my free time I love running, practicing Ashtanga Yoga and volunteering in Women in IT societies in Amsterdam.

What's your favorite TED talk?

Brené Brown's, 'The power of vulnerability.' If you are vulnerable to others, you are open to sharing your feelings and thoughts. If we do all that, we will create an open-minded society or people that genuinely care about each other.

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Interested in partnering with us?

Learn more here, get in touch with Katya about how you can collaborate with us.

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